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EDM #1169
Tabled 01 March 2016
2015-16 Session
That this House condemns the abhorrent murder of the Cambridge University doctoral student and Italian national Giulio Regeni on 3 February 2016 in Cairo; notes that Mr Regeni disappeared on a day when Egyptian security forces had been carrying out a security crackdown in the city; further notes that the signs of torture on Mr Regeni's body are similar to those inflicted by torture in Egyptian prisons by prison authorities; raises concerns that Mr Regeni's death cannot be dismissed as a coincidence and that the Egyptian authorities cannot be ruled out of having played a role in his death; calls on the Government to urge the Egyptian authorities to ensure an independent and impartial investigation into Mr Regeni's death; acknowledges that many prisoners in Egypt are victims of torture carried out by the Egyptian authorities; further calls on the Government to challenge the Egyptian authorities to address the widespread mistreatment of prisoners; recognises that Mr Regeni was a student from a British university who was carrying out valuable research in Egypt; and urges the Government to ensure as far as possible that students from British universities are safe to carry out their research in countries where serious risks are prevalent.

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