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EDM #1243
Tabled 14 March 2016
2015-16 Session
That this House welcomes the inquiry report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Care and Public Health into the information, signposting and behaviour change elements of NHS England's Five Year Forward View; accepts there is a need to do more to combat the rise in the number of people using scarce and expensive A&E and GP resources for self-treatable conditions like muscle strains, colds and flu; regrets that the policies in the Five Year Forward View have so far failed to realise the opportunities to better manage rising demand against diminishing resource; further regrets that the prevalence of low health literacy in the population reduces people's ability to self-care and contributes to confusion about which services to access for different health needs; and acknowledges that fragmentation in the system may be hindering progress and that a cohesive National Strategy for Self Care, led by a Minister, would provide leadership and co-ordination to help deliver the prevention and wellbeing aims of the Five Year Forward View and effect positive behaviour change in the population.

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