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EDM #1268
Tabled 16 March 2016
2015-16 Session
That this House notes the work of Soapworks, the UK's largest manufacturer of soaps, based in Glasgow East constituency; further notes that the company was founded by Dame Anita Roddick, a founder of the Body Shop, as a way of putting something back and creating employment opportunities in the Easterhouse area; understands that Soapworks has sought to embody Anita Roddick's vision of corporate responsibility, having partnered with Glasgow the Caring City since 2002 to deliver Soap Aid bars of soap to Africa and to areas affected by natural disaster to support hygiene and cleanliness; notes that 1.7 million such bars have been donated by Soapworks since 2007; understands that Soapworks donated over 90,000 bars of high quality soap this week to the Western Balkans in order to assist with the humanitarian response to the refugee crises there; notes that the organisation has 250,000 bars in total ready for donation to the area, with the capacity to produce significantly more if needed; notes that these soap bars could make a vital contribution to hygiene and healthcare for vulnerable people in extremely difficult circumstances; further understands that Soapworks needs to find a humanitarian aid partner to assist in the wider distribution of its soap bars; welcomes Soapworks' continued commitment to corporate responsibility and its strong contribution to humanitarian assistance; and further welcomes any efforts by the Government or non-governmental organisations to assist in the delivery and distribution of this vital humanitarian aid.

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