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EDM #1390
Tabled 19 April 2016
2015-16 Session
That this House supports and celebrates the St Dymphna's Day Campaign, which calls for parity in funding and support for mental and physical health, while also calling for Roman Catholic communities to do more for those with mental health issues within their parishes; notes that St. Dymphna is the patron saint of the mentally ill and those who care for them, and that her feast day is 15 May; welcomes the commitments the Government has already made to increase support for those with mental health issues but calls for full parity between mental and physical health; recognises that this will require additional spending in mental health services but also recognises that not doing so is a false economy which will put more economic strain on the UK in the long run; regrets that 75 per cent of children and young people experiencing a mental health problem are thought not to access any treatment and that only 15 per cent of people who might benefit from talking therapies are receiving such treatment; commends the excellent work already being done by faith communities across the UK with the mentally ill; encourages Members of both Houses and all Roman Catholics to work within their parishes better to support the mentally ill within their communities; and invites the Government firmly to commit to parity in the funding and support of mental and physical health.

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