House of Commons
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EDM #322
Tabled 03 December 1991
1991-92 Session
That this House warmly congratulates the broad-based, cross-party and non-sectarian peace group, New Consensus, for organising dignified peace vigils in Belfast, London and Dublin on 3rd, 4th and 5th December, respectively; notes that the common theme of these vigils is Stop the Killing this Christmas; believes that these vigils will assist the call for an end to paramilitary activity, including the primary threat of an IRA bombing campaign over Christmas in Britain; hopes that these vigils will give widespread publicity to the emergence of a broad-based and non-sectarian peace movement in all parts of these islands and emphasise that the paramilitary gangs have minuscule support from the peoples of Northern Ireland, Britain and the Republic of Ireland; and encourages honourable Members to show their support for peace by joining the London New Consensus vigil which takes place at 4.30-5.30 pm on Wednesday 4th December at St. Martin's in the Fields, near Trafalgar Square.

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