House of Commons
As this motion is using historical data, we may not have the record of the original ordering, in which case signatories are listed alphabetically.
EDM #1446
Tabled 09 May 2016
2015-16 Session
That this House expresses grave concern at the failure of the Government to ensure parity in respect of terms of service between officers of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and the Home Office police forces and Police Scotland; notes that the Department of Energy and Climate Change, as the sponsoring agency of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, has failed to equalise the terms and conditions applying to these police officers in regard to retirement age, and that the Government has increased the retirement age for these officers to 68, notwithstanding the fact that the officers in question are required to carry and deploy firearms and ammunition weighing approximately 25 kilograms, and potentially to respond to terrorist attacks in support of territorial police forces on the streets of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; and recognises that the Government has so far failed to act to rectify the inequity in retirement age, which is unrealistic and unfair to the officers, and has failed to recognise the potential consequences of reduced operational effectiveness in the context of protecting the public from potential terrorist attack.