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EDM #248
Tabled 27 June 2016
2016-17 Session
That this House congratulates Mr. Chris Wieczorek of Bo'ness, and his company Wizz Properties Limited based in Falkirk, on efforts to help veterans in Scotland back on their feet, by providing them with renovated accommodation, and work, in order to help them adjust to civilian life after service; notes that effort from Mr. Wieczorek, himself a veteran, to provide this has come from a sense of duty and responsibility to give something back to veterans who have fallen on hard times, given that these people have served to protect us at home and abroad; further notes that this project is unique in Scotland, with only a handful of similar projects throughout the UK, is provided with little resource, and takes a lot of effort and initiative by one person with a vision; calls on the Government to learn from the example set by Mr. Wieczorek and other similar projects to put more effort into helping veterans adjust to civilian life on completion of military service, and provide proper structured rehabilitation to those who have been unable to leave conflict behind and, therefore, are unable to settle into life outside the military; further congratulates schemes throughout the UK proving to help in this circumstance; and commends Mr. Wieczorek for his, and his company's efforts and initiative to provide a solution to these matters.

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