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EDM #377
Tabled 21 July 2016
2016-17 Session
That this House recognises that exposure to residual particles from weaponry containing the radioactive metal depleted uranium (DU), used in the invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan, continues to produce serious and long-term health problems, not only for Iraqi and Afghani citizens living close to conflict zones, but also for British army personnel who were exposed to the weaponry during those wars; notes that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has indicated that exposure to DU can lead to serious health consequences, including kidney failure, lung damage and lung cancer; understands that, as well as producing damage through the impact of the weaponry, exposure to this radioactive metal can also lead to painful health conditions which can manifest many years after initial exposure, and which become exacerbated over time, before eventually culminating in the fatality of the exposed individual; is aware that the WHO has recommended that clean-up operations are commissioned in conflict zones with high concentrations of DU, and that further research is required to understand the full extent of its potential impact on the health of exposed individuals; and, given the seriousness of its health consequences which we are already aware of, calls on the Government to consider legislating to prohibit the use of DU in the manufacturing of any future weaponry.

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