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EDM #744
Tabled 30 November 2016
2016-17 Session
That this House expresses concern over the terms of employment for contracted staff employed in Parliament by Servest, and other contractors, who are paid the London living wage but do not receive sick pay; notes that these employees do physically demanding jobs, such as cleaning, which are essential to the functioning of the House; further notes that the contract forces staff to choose between coming into work when they are injured or unwell, and losing pay; expresses further concern that people are forced to choose between taking time off when necessary to protect their health, and providing food for their families; notes that if each of the 26 staff employed by Servest in Parliament were to have three paid sick days per year, the cost would be less than £6,000; believes that staff should not be financially penalised for illness, especially when they are on low wages; observes that, if staff on the living wage do not receive full sick pay and holiday pay, their overall wages over the course of a year will fall below the living wage, and below the level needed to survive without being in poverty; further believes that the House has the obligation to uphold the highest possible employment standards; applauds the House authorities' decision to pay all contracted staff the living wage; and urges it to ensure that all contracted staff receive full sick pay and holiday pay.

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