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EDM #795
Tabled 12 December 2016
2016-17 Session
That this House recognises that all the major candidates in the Richmond Park by-election opposed the Government's policy of increasing the number of runways at Heathrow Airport; notes that this accounted for well over 90 per cent of votes cast and shows a clear rejection of the Government's policy amongst the residents of Richmond Park constituency; further notes that Heathrow Airport has been in breach of EU emissions laws for the last decade and that the Government has failed to outline a clear plan on how this will be tackled; further recognises that 28 per cent of all those affected by aircraft noise in Europe live under the Heathrow Airport flight path; notes that an estimated 800 homes will be destroyed if a third runway is pursued; and calls on the Government to abandon its plans for an additional runway at Heathrow Airport.

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