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EDM #832
Tabled 20 December 2016
2016-17 Session
That this House commends the work of the Govan Community Toy Bank, a voluntary community initiative led by community volunteers in Govan, this year with the support of The Riverside Hall; notes that the Toy Bank was organised to help the poorest and most vulnerable children receive toys at Christmas; thanks all those across the city of Glasgow and beyond who donated toys and other gifts; further notes that in the last two years over 700 children have received toys, selection boxes, writing materials, books and other gifts; notes that this year children with learning difficulties received a tablet; congratulates all those volunteers who pulled this initiative together and commends their work; believes that such initiatives are brought about directly as a result of failings in the economic and social security systems; and urges the Government to address these economic and social security issues in 2017.

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