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EDM #939
Tabled 09 February 2017
2016-17 Session
That this House notes the Ministry of Defence's decision to make changes to its estate and infrastructure; calls on the Government to take a modern, inclusive and family-friendly approach as it remodels its estate by providing facilities and accommodation in bases, such as Leuchars Station, that meet the needs of all members of the armed services and their families; is aware of the particular importance to armed services families of accommodation being affordable as well as of high quality; expects that armed services families will be fully consulted in the process as the Ministry of Defence reshapes its facilities and accommodation; emphasises the importance of this for Leuchars Station which has the potential to become a hub for the Army in Scotland; and stresses that these requirements must be met to ensure that the Ministry of Defence's estate can properly benefit families, so they feel settled and valued both as members of the armed services and as part of their local community.

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