House of Commons
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EDM #958
Tabled 21 February 2017
2016-17 Session
That this House cherishes access to justice for victims of workplace accidents and industrial diseases; notes that in these often difficult and complicated cases, victims require proper legal representation and expert reports, the costs of which cannot be recovered when taken through a small claims court; therefore opposes a Government proposal to increase the threshold of employer liability personal injury small claims cases to £5,000 from £1,000, thereby denying around 90 per cent of victims necessary professional legal services; is appalled that this could lead to around 80,000 victims each year being left undefended against well represented employers and their insurers; believes that many victims will be forced into the hands of unprincipled claims companies, as reputable lawyers will be left unable to take their cases; is concerned that there will be a knock-on effect for health and safety in workplaces, as unscrupulous employers realise that they are less likely to be financially liable for injuries and diseases to their staff; and calls on the Government to exclude employer liability cases from any changes to how courts deal with personal injury cases.

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