House of Commons
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EDM #963
Tabled 22 February 2017
2016-17 Session
That this House regrets that local authorities across the North East of England are set to lose more than an estimated £119 million in school funding in real terms by 2020, equivalent to the loss of 3,203 teachers; notes that this reduction is due to a failure to increase funding per pupil in line with school costs; further notes that the National Audit Office estimates that schools across the country will face a £3 billion funding gap due to reductions in real terms spending and increases in cost pressures by 2020; notes that 72 per cent of school leaders state that their budgets will be unsustainable by 2019 under current projections; and calls on the Government to ensure that schools across the region and across the country are given sufficient funding to provide high-quality education for all pupils.