House of Commons
EDM #53
Tabled 26 June 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House welcomes the Veterans Gateway helpline launched for ex-armed forces personnel; notes that Wales has been chosen as the base for the 24-hour helpline for veterans returning to civilian life; further notes the report’s findings that child recruits are more vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol abuse, self-harm, suicide, death and injury during an armed forces career when compared with either their demographically matched civilian peers or adult recruits; regrets that there is a 64 per cent increased risk of suicide among men under the age of 20 in the Army as compared with the wider population; further welcomes the initiative to give advice on housing, finance and health; supports the £2 million investment honouring the nation’s armed forces; and encourages this initiative in helping our veterans return to civilian life and getting the support they need.