House of Commons
EDM #80
Tabled 28 June 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates the Southside Fringe for winning Best Scottish Festival at the Scottish Hospitality Awards 2017; notes that the festival offers quality opportunities for acts, performers and musicians; recognises that it is the biggest community organised event in Glasgow; understands that the first full Southside Fringe was set up in 2013 by Crawford Smith and Corinna Currie in response to demand for localised music, comedy and cabaret events in local venues; believes that involving as many venues and businesses as possible raises the profile of the Southside on the arts landscape and draws new customers, visitors and audiences to the wonderful facilities the Southside has to offer; and commends and further congratulates the many organisers, volunteers and all those involved in helping make the Southside Fringe a success.

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