House of Commons
EDM #141
Tabled 06 July 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House condemns the action by Picturehouse, a subsidiary of Cineworld Cinemas, in sacking three union representatives involved in organising recent strike action at the Ritzy and other cinemas, and in suspending one further member of staff; shares the concerns of the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union on the treatment of staff by Cineworld Cinemas; is concerned that Cineworld Cinemas staff do not all receive the living wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation, company maternity or paternity pay or company sick pay, despite Cineworld Cinemas reporting a post-tax profit of £83.8 million in 2015; and calls for Cineworld Cinemas to cease victimising trade union activists, increase investment in worker welfare, pay all Picturehouse staff the living wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation, and negotiate with its staff.

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