House of Commons
EDM #183
Tabled 13 July 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House notes with concern the recurring problem of unauthorised Traveller encampments in many parts of the UK; further notes the ineffective response from various agencies in preventing such encampments, especially in relation to Traveller groups being evicted from one site of public land, often a public park or recreation facility, only to return days or weeks later; believes that police forces do not operate consistent policies in relation to illegal encampments which has led to criminal and anti-social behaviour not being sufficiently dealt with; regrets the courts' reluctance to issue clear injunctions banning Traveller groups from constantly returning to the same site of public land; recognises that the human rights of Traveller groups must be taken into consideration; considers the current arrangements, where local authorities are obliged to seek repeated eviction notices, are placing large costs on local authorities, including those related to the cost of cleaning up and clearing sites after Traveller groups have been evicted; and calls on the Government to review the existing legal powers and procedures already in place to deal with unauthorised encampments and then take all necessary action to prevent the recurring problem of these encampments so that the interests of local residents, who have a right to enjoy the public amenities and facilities that they pay for through their taxes, are effectively protected.

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