House of Commons
EDM #303
Tabled 12 September 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House pays tribute to all those killed, injured, bereaved by or witness to terrorist attacks overseas, and also to all those involved in emergency response and long-term care in the aftermath of such attacks; notes the conclusions, published in February 2017, of the inquest into the deaths of those killed at Sousse, Tunisia on 26 June 2015; believes that the Government has a responsibility to provide specific and appropriate support to all UK citizens affected by terrorist attacks overseas; recognises that witnesses to terror attacks, whether or not they have been physically injured or bereaved, may live with trauma and mental health impacts as a result of what they have witnessed; and calls on the Government to learn lessons from its response to previous attacks, and to continually review its preparedness to respond and provide support for witnesses and survivors of any future incidents.

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