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EDM (Early Day Motion) 472: tabled on 30 October 2017

Tabled in the 2017-19 session.

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Motion text

That this House calls on the Government to announce in the forthcoming Budget to proceed with Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon as a pathfinder project, as recommended in the Hendry Review, as it represents value for money; refers the Government to the fact that the proposed financing structure was developed in 2016 with officials from HM Treasury and meets all the National Audit Office tests on value for money; notes that in addition a decision to proceed can deliver huge social and economic value including the creation of a new British industry, the benefits of learning from a first-of-kind project, direct and indirect job creation, public amenity and carbon reduction; is impressed that even as a first of a kind project Swansea Bay requires less subsidy per unit of electricity produced than Hinkley Point C and less subsidy than any UK offshore wind farm built to date, as well as requiring a lower financial return than new nuclear and offshore wind; further notes the project would take up less than 0.4 per cent of the Government's allocation to low carbon subsidies, initially costing 18 pence per annum per household, followed by a period of subsidy-free electricity far exceeding the lifespan of an offshore wind farm; and believes proceeding with Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon will unlock a major new British industry highly complementary to the UK's offshore wind industry, given tidal power's predictability and reliability.

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leave out from "House" to end and insert, "notes that the proposal for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon currently involves sourcing the necessary armour rock from Dean Quarry in St Keverne parish on The Lizard in Cornwall, which has been disused for a decade; further notes that the reopening of the quarry on the proposed scale would damage an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, dark skies, an archaeological site and, in particular, the newly-designated Manacles Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ), ships' graveyard, home to wildlife and divers' paradise; commends the recent Seasearch report on The Manacles, which makes clear the damage renewed quarrying would cause; understands that since the quarry was last exploited a number of businesses have grown up locally which rely on a clean and quiet environment; fears for the 100-odd sustainable jobs provided by these undertakings, which far outnumber any offered by the reopening of the quarry; is aware that there are other possible sources of suitable rock, one of which is also in the UK but is six miles from the nearest road rather than 400 yards from houses and half a mile from a school and is equally able to ship rock by sea; and calls on the Government to do all in its power to ensure that should the Tidal Lagoon project proceed it will not be at the expense of the environment, national network of MCZs, economy and communities of East Lizard.
Conservative, St Ives
EDM 472A1: tabled on 1 November 2017