House of Commons
EDM #566
Tabled 20 November 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates East Renfrewshire Good Causes on its now 10 year support of the East Renfrewshire community; understands that from 2007 to date East Renfrewshire Good Causes estimates that it has given out over £660,000 worth of goods and services; notes that this includes £330,061 of actual audited purchased goods and services provided alongside £330,000 of estimated donated goods, services and supplier discounts; acknowledges that the charity is the brainchild of Russell Macmillan from Newton Mearns; further notes that Russell was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when aged eight, became blind in both eyes at 23, regaining a degree of sight following laser treatment, and underwent a kidney and pancreas transplant in 2007; further understands that, following the transplant in which he benefited from being given the organs of another person, and in line with his Christian faith, Russell decided to establish the charity to give back to the community; and believes that, through the many small acts of kindness carried out by Russell and his team, they have helped to support and improve the lives of many local residents in need.