House of Commons
EDM #602
Tabled 28 November 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House expresses concern regarding the upcoming trials of the democratically-elected leaders of Turkey's third biggest parliamentary party, the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP); notes that a total of nine elected MPs, 88 elected mayors and over 8,000 party activists are currently in prison; further notes that the basis for the arrests are speeches delivered which, along with the mass arrest of journalists (EDM 231), encroaches on the right to free speech in Turkey; believes that the motivations behind their arrest and imprisonment on terrorism charges, months after the removal of parliamentary immunity, are political; recognises that the arrest of HDP parliamentarians is also an attack on the democratic rights of the six million plus citizens of Turkey who voted for them; commends the work being done by the HDP in attempting democratic steps towards a peaceful resolution to the Kurdish question; condemns the Turkish Government for trying to criminalise the democratic voice of millions of its citizens; calls for the immediate release of the HDP politicians; and calls on the UK Government to pressure Turkey to lift the state of emergency and restore democracy.

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