House of Commons
EDM #612
Tabled 28 November 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House wishes BT Sport well in the broadcast of the Ashes series, but regrets the fact that no free-to-air highlights have been offered to a broadcaster reaching 95 per cent of the population; hopes that BT Sport will not hoard highlights rights for its own website and app when it comes to other sports it has acquired exclusively from next season such as Champions League Football and European Rugby; welcomes the decision of the English Cricket Board to enter into a partnership with Sky and the BBC from 2020 which will see the return of live coverage of cricket to free-to-air television after a 15-year absence; commends the voluntary code of conduct for sports rights owners which affirms wherever possible, notwithstanding the need to raise revenue, all major sporting events under their control should receive free-to-air coverage in the UK for live, recorded or highlights content; and calls on the Government to consider adding events to those which must by law be offered to free-to-air television at a fair and reasonable price.

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