House of Commons
EDM #693
Tabled 14 December 2017
2017-19 Session
That this House notes with concern that over 200 current and former employees of Roadchef Motorway Services at Harthill, Annandale Water, Bothwell and Hamilton in Scotland are still awaiting a decision from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to repay the Roadchef Employees Benefit Trust the £10 million which was wrongly paid by Timothy Ingram Hill as tax on Roadchef share sale proceeds of over £26 million, which he obtained in breach of trust; believes that these funds, and its interest, belonged to the Trust, as ruled by the High Court in 2014; further believes that this case constitutes unjust enrichment by HMRC which should be remedied; further notes that many of the Roadchef employees were low-paid catering and cleaning staff and that many have sadly passed away; calls on HMRC to use its discretion to refund the full amount so that 4,000 current and former employees of Roadchef throughout the UK can receive their just entitlements; and further calls on the Government to review the regulation of employee benefit trusts in light of this case.