House of Commons
EDM #745
Tabled 08 January 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House is deeply concerned that consumers are being poorly served by some of the largest mobile phone providers in the UK; notes that customers of some of the largest mobile phone providers are being charged extra for handsets after the costs of these have been paid off as part of their fixed deal; recognises that Citizens' Advice has found that some networks are overcharging loyal customers an average of £22 per month and up to £38 for contracts with high-spec handsets; agrees that it is completely unacceptable for unsuspecting customers to continue paying for mobile phones they have already bought; acknowledges that over 65s are particularly vulnerable to this practice with 23 per cent of over 65s on a handset-inclusive deal remaining on it for more than a year after their fixed contract expired, compared with 13 per cent of under 65s; and urges the Government to do all it can to end this sharp practice and to work to make it easier for consumers to compare prices by separating out the costs of handsets from the costs of services like data and minutes for all contracts which will mean greater transparency for consumers, allowing them to more easily see for what they are actually paying.

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