House of Commons
EDM #784
Tabled 15 January 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House understands that the Office for National Statistics has yet to finalise its recommendations for the 2021 Census; notes that, once it has done so, the Government will bring forward a White Paper in 2018 setting out the proposals for the 2021 Census; expresses concern over the UK Statistics Authority's intention to recommend that a Welsh language question is asked in the 2021 census to those living in Wales, but not to those living elsewhere; emphasises the importance of collecting data on the Welsh language all over the UK; further notes that this information is essential to provide the expected level of Welsh language service; notes that 250,000 people access S4C, the Welsh language channel, on a weekly basis outside of Wales; reminds the Government of its commitment to ensuring the Welsh language thrives; and calls on the Government to include a question on the Welsh language outside of Wales in the 2021 Census.