House of Commons
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EDM #45
Tabled 31 October 1991
1991-92 Session
That this House recalls that the officer in overall charge of the investigation which led to the conviction of six innocent men for the Birmingham pub bombings was Assistant Chief Constable Maurice Buck, later Chief Constable of Northampton; also recalls that Mr Buck was present in Queen's Road police station for much of the time that the men were being interrogated and that he saw their condition immediately after interrogation; further recalls that when there was credit to be claimed for this apparently successful investigation Mr Buck was rarely off the nation's television screens; notes that now the Birmingham pub bombings investigations seem a less glorious enterprise, Mr Buck has managed to avoid any association with the case; hopes that any investigation of the Birmingham pub bombings case will not overlook the role of Maurice Buck; and calls on Mr Buck to accept his share of responsibility for the disaster and not to leave less senior officers to carry the can.

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