House of Commons
EDM #839
Tabled 22 January 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House is deeply concerned by the Government's proposal to close nine further courts across the UK, displacing over 130 members of staff; notes that these proposals come at a time when staff morale has been damaged by previous closures, job cuts, pay restraint and privatisation threats; believes that these proposals would result in delays to cases being heard and members of the public having to travel further and for longer to access justice; further believes that the underuse of courts is primarily caused by legal aid cuts, increased court fees and a shortage of staff and judges; insists that unproven and unreliable digital processes such as virtual hearings should not be imposed on courts without a full evaluation of the impact on evidence quality and perception; and calls on the Government to halt these closures, consult relevant unions and review the entire courts closure programme.

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