House of Commons
EDM #924
Tabled 08 February 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House celebrates the historic and continuing ties between Scotland and France; welcomes the creation of the Auld Alliance Trophy to be awarded annually when Scotland and France meet during the Six Nations; commemorates the memories of the 31 Scottish and 22 French international rugby players killed during the First World War; further celebrates the lives of the Scottish international captain Eric Milroy, the Prince of scrum-halves, who learned his skills at George Watson's College in Edinburgh South West constituency and the French international captain Marcel Burgun, a remarkable pilot of rare intrepidity and recipient of the Croix de Guerre and Palm who both gave their life in the Great War and in whose names, along with all their fellow rugby players, the trophy is dedicated; and notes the passion and dedication of Patrick Caublot of Amiens Rugby Club for originating the idea, the work of David Anderson QC, Eric Milroy's great-great-nephew, the Scottish Ruby Union and the Federation Française de Rugby in creating the trophy.

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