House of Commons
EDM #949
Tabled 20 February 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House notes the 2017 incidents report by the Community Security Trust (CST); further notes that the report details the highest annual total of antisemitic incidents that CST has ever recorded of 1,382 cases, a three per cent increase from the 2016 total, which was itself a record annual total; is concerned that there is now a pattern of consistently high incident totals; is further concerned that these most recent high figures were sustained by a combination of factors, including the increase in all forms of recorded hate crime and the publicity regarding alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party; resolves to continue to offer cross-party parliamentary support for CST's work and vital activities for the Jewish community; and further resolves to work with CST, the Government and other organisations to ensure the safety of the Jewish Community in Britain.

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