House of Commons
EDM #1002
Tabled 28 February 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House notes that 2 March 2018 is Big Yellow Friday; congratulates the Children's Liver Disease Foundation on its work in raising awareness, promoting research and providing information and support for those affected by a life­-threatening liver disease; further notes with concern that every week 20 children in the UK are diagnosed with a life­-threatening childhood liver disease and that over 100 different liver diseases can affect babies, children or young people, most of which are life-threatening and all of which have no cure, meaning a lifetime of care; commends the work of the Children's Liver Disease Foundation for working tirelessly and investing over £8 million to support families and fund research projects, which helps to understand and treat childhood liver diseases; further congratulates the Children's Liver Disease Foundation and the Big Yellow Friday supporters for raising £719,415 since 2008; further commends all those taking part in Big Yellow Friday 2018 and showing support for children affected by childhood liver disease and their families; and calls on the Government to work closely with all national liver-disease charities to help ensure childhood liver diseases are understood, prevented and treated effectively, ensuring that babies, children, young people and adults diagnosed in childhood achieve their full potential.

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