House of Commons
EDM #1029
Tabled 07 March 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House is shocked at the Iraqi decision to unilaterally reduce the budget share of the Kurdistan region from 17 per cent to 12.67 per cent of gross Iraqi revenues and far less in reality once often excessive sovereign spending is deducted; recognises that the long-standing agreement on the Kurdistan region receiving 17 per cent as based on approximate population and recognition of the damage inflicted on the Kurds by previous dictatorships, including the genocide of nearly 200,000 people, the destruction of thousands of villages and the connected destruction of its once powerful agricultural sector; further recognises that there have been no censuses in Iraq since 1957; notes that since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, Baghdad failed to pay the constitutionally recognised Peshmerga, unilaterally and unconstitutionally cut all budget transfers in February 2014 and refused to refund KRG costs in looking after displaced people who fled from Daesh to Kurdistan; believes that the proposed funding is woefully inadequate for the Kurdistan region, which is also owed considerable arrears by Baghdad; fears that this latest act of collective punishment on the people of the Kurdistan region augurs badly for a more generous and statesmanlike approach from leaders in Baghdad which could encourage the Kurds to feel that they are truly equals in Iraq; and urges the Government to increase its pressure on Baghdad to reverse these regressive changes.

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