House of Commons
EDM #1047
Tabled 12 March 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House, in line with its decision of 28 February 2013 to formally recognise the genocide carried out against the Kurds in Iraq, marks the 30th anniversary of the chemical attack on the town of Halabja and the wider Anfal genocide; notes that up to 200,000 people were murdered in the genocide by Saddam Hussein and its continuing physical and psychological impact on the Kurds, many of whom bear terrible wounds from the experience; welcomes the Government's decision to formally mark the Anfal anniversary each year; believes that the experience of genocide has united all Kurds in a desire to ensure that Baghdad never repeats such behaviour, which underpins their insistence that they can only stay in a democratic, federal and pluralist Iraq, which is currently sadly far from the truth; further welcomes the visit to Parliament by the Acting Speaker and a cross-party delegation of MPs from the Kurdistani Parliament; and encourages hon. Members to attend or send messages to the event to mark the tragedies of Halabja and Anfal in the Grand Committee Room on 14 March at 7pm.