House of Commons
EDM #1063
Tabled 13 March 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House notes with concern that British women who are affected by the WASPI changes to state pension age for women, and who choose to retire in other EU countries, may not be eligible for healthcare in that country; notes that these women are UK citizens who paid UK taxes for many decades; observes with concern that many women were not notified of the change to state pension age until they had already made the move to another country; observes that life for these women is even more difficult than for their counterparts in the UK, because they will not receive bus passes or pension credit, and may also be ineligible for healthcare in their chosen country because they are not in receipt of a passporting benefit such as state pension; calls on the Government to take seriously the concerns of WASPI women who moved to the EU on the understanding that they would receive their pension at the age of 60, and who now may have no entitlement to public healthcare in the EU; observes that this situation is causing significant financial stress and anxiety for these women; and calls on the Government to assess this situation and look into ways to ensure that WASPI women in Europe can access healthcare, such as providing them with their S1 form at the age of 60 even if they do not receive their pension until a later age.

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