House of Commons
EDM #1069
Tabled 13 March 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House expresses concern that the Israeli Knesset has passed an amendment to the Entry Into Israel Law 1952 which gives the Interior Ministry unrestricted powers to revoke the residency of Palestinian Jerusalemites; condemns any and all violations of international humanitarian law, specifically the forcible transfer and deportation of Palestinians from East Jerusalem; further condemns efforts on the part of the Israeli Government to solidify a demographic hold over Occupied East Jerusalem; reaffirms the position that under international law East Jerusalem remains occupied and that the final status of the city is to be determined by negotiations; and calls on the Government to take all positive steps and apply all due diplomatic pressure to ensure that Israel adheres to its obligations under international law, which includes the protection of the civilian population of East Jerusalem and throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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