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EDM #66
Tabled 04 November 1991
1991-92 Session
There have been 2 amendments to this EDM.
That this House notes the announcement of British Telecom's latest figures which show that British Telecom makes a profit of more than ú100 per second, deplores the fact that in spite of phenomenal profits, British Telecom continues to place a financial burden on Scotland's elderly with the implementation of standing charges; and calls upon British Telecom to scrap these charges immediately and to undertake a review of all charges affecting the elderly, who in many cases view the telephone as a lifeline.

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Mr Harry Barnes
"leave out 'Scotland's' and insert 'the'."
Tabled 05 November 1991
19 Signatures
Mr Eddie McGrady
"after 'Scotland's',insert 'and Northern Ireland's'."
Tabled 14 November 1991
1 Signature