House of Commons
EDM #1181
Tabled 18 April 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House applauds Amnesty International's Brave campaign which aims to raise awareness of the violence and persecution experienced by human rights defenders around the world, many of whom are imprisoned, tortured, forcibly disappeared or killed for speaking up for the principles of freedom, justice and dignity; is appalled that at least 3,500 human rights defenders have been killed since 1998, with 281 killed in 2016 alone; expresses grave concerns over a global crackdown on human rights defenders, while also celebrating the courage and defiance of activists who continue to put their life at risk to defend the world's most vulnerable individuals; and calls on the Government, as a matter of urgency, to adopt and prioritise an adequately-funded strategy to improve the protection of human rights defenders abroad and ensure that they are able to carry out their invaluable roles without the threat of violence or persecution.

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