House of Commons
EDM #1207
Tabled 26 April 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House condemns the Government's decision to rename the Second Severn Crossing bridge as The Prince of Wales Bridge; highlights the displeasure and anger of the Welsh people who were not consulted prior to this decision, reflected by the triggering of an online petition, which currently has over 37,000 signatures, calling for action for the name to be changed; notes the range of Welsh public figures who have made great achievements and have impacted positively on the country's society, culture and tradition whom the bridge would more appropriately be named after; further highlights the wealth of celebrated Welsh individuals from all walks of life; regrets the manner in which the Secretary of State for Wales has sought to weaponise the monarchy and the way in which the Royal Family have regretfully been embroiled in a needless political confrontation; notes that the Secretary of State for Wales has cowardly refused to defend his decision by making the announcement during Easter recess and avoiding media scrutiny; further notes this scandal regretfully shows the pure arrogance and contempt with which the Government holds the people of Wales; and calls on the Government to consult with the people of Wales to find a more suitable name for the bridge.

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