House of Commons
EDM #1279
Tabled 16 May 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Cwmni Cletwr a community-owned project in Tre'r Ddol, on celebrating its fifth anniversary; recognises the positive impact the not-for-profit, community-run shop, café and hub has had on the local community since its opening in 2013; acknowledges the tireless work carried out by volunteers who give up their free time to provide a vital service to the local community; notes the quality of the local produce available at the shop and café alongside the wide range of activities and information services provided by the community hub; further acknowledges the dedication and the efforts of the Cwmni Cletwr team in tackling the problems of rural poverty and social isolation in the local area; and commends Cwmni Cletwr as a shining example of community enterprise at its very best.

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