House of Commons
EDM #1280
Tabled 16 May 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House recognises the sovereignty of the Republic of Yemen over the Island of Socotra, Yemen; notes that Socotra is home to tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians and a unique biosphere with a host of Unesco-protected plants and animals and is one of four Yemeni sites on the UNESCO World Heritage Lists; further notes the inhabitants of that island speak an endangered, unwritten language, Soqotri; notes that the associated culture and entire way of life are unique; notes that there is evidence of UAE forces in Soctora and in recent weeks the Yemeni Government submitted a complaint to the UN regarding the presence of UAE forces; calls on the Government to use all the leverage that it has to ensure that the sovereignty of the Republic of Yemen over Socotra is not compromised; and urges the Government to use every diplomatic instrument available to bring that conflict to an end.