House of Commons
EDM #1312
Tabled 23 May 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House notes that the Scottish Men's basketball team at the 2018 Commonwealth Games hosted by Gold Coast achieved a 4th place finish, having topped their group; understands that of the 12 players in the Scotland squad, seven of them played for Glasgow Rocks domestically, with an eighth player in the England squad; believes that the Scotland basketball team's journey to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games demonstrates true grit and determination to succeed despite strong competition from England, Cameroon and India; congratulates Glasgow Rocks players Kieron Achara, Jonny Bunyan, Bantu Burroughs, Chris Cleary, Ali Fraser, Kyle Jimenez and Gareth Murray on their efforts; and looks forward to the continued success of the players, team and sport in future.

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