House of Commons
EDM #1336
Tabled 05 June 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House expresses shock and dismay at the decision of the Football Association to deny Sunderland Ladies their rightful place in the top tier of English football; congratulates Sunderland Ladies on securing a respectable seventh place in the Women's Super League this season; notes the comments of Baroness Campbell, FA Head of Women's Football, that Sunderland women's team did not receive sufficient support from the men's team in the past; believes the FA should acknowledge the change of ownership at Sunderland Association Football Club and welcome the community focused, supporter engagement approach adopted by the club's new owner Stewart Donald; does not believe Sunderland Ladies should be penalised for the previous mismanagement of Sunderland Football Club and asks the FA to consult with the new owners to secure Sunderland Ladies position in the top tier of English Football; recognises the substantial contribution Sunderland Ladies have made to the England National Team with seven of the current team beginning their careers at Sunderland including England captain Steph Houghton and current BBC Women 's Footballer of the Year 2018 and Champions League winner Lucy Bronze; and calls on the Government to support Women's football and provide talent routes as part of the,This girl can campaign to allow progression to the highest level of the sport, including in the North East of England, through securing Sunderland's top flight status in the restructured Women's Super League.

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