House of Commons
EDM #1404
Tabled 14 June 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House applauds the success of the Ben Nevis Model T Ford Committee in commissioning and installing a full size replica Bronze Model T Ford in Cameron Square, Fort William at the starting point of the first ascent of Britain's highest mountain by a motor vehicle in 1911; notes that in raising the amount needed to deliver the project the Committee organised several events and rallies enlisting the help of Ford Model T owners from across the UK, Europe and the USA; further notes that the sculpture was cast in pieces moulded from original Model T parts to give an extremely accurate rendering of the original vehicle down to individual dents on the radiator, wear on the leather seating and other details such as door locks, foot pedals and steering wheel, together with a life-sized bronze figure of the original driver, Edinburgh motor dealer Henry Alexander in the driving seat, modelled from contemporary pictures; and recognises that it was unveiled by Mr Alexander's grandson, who then led a procession on Model T's around the newly created Bronze Trail which includes the bronze statue of a walker who has reached the end of the West Highland Way in Fort William, an aluminium worker in lnverlochy, a village created in the early 20th century for workers at the nearby smelter, finishing at the world renowned Commando Memorial.

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