House of Commons
EDM #1425
Tabled 19 June 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House believes that the War on Drugs and the prohibition of cannabis has been a calamitous failure; recognises the dreadful social costs of the illegal cannabis market, including extreme violence in our communities, the accumulation of wealth by criminals gangs, and the health risks posed by the absence of any framework to regulate the safety or potency of these drugs; notes that banning cannabis does not reduce levels of drug use or drug-related harm, but unfairly stigmatises and criminalises young people who are doing no harm to others whilst tying up police resources which could be better used tackling harmful crimes; welcomes the comments from the former leader of the Conservative Party, Lord Hague of Richmond, that the war on cannabis is effectively over and that the idea that cannabis can be driven off the streets and out of people's lives by the state is nothing short of deluded; and calls on the Government to bring forward proposals to legalise, regulate and tax the sale of cannabis, with strict controls over price, potency and packaging, in the interests of public health.

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