House of Commons
EDM #1445
Tabled 25 June 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House regrets the decision of Corus Hotels to close the Gay Hussar restaurant in Greek Street, Soho, London; recalls that for over 65 years this London dining landmark has hosted generations of politicians, journalists, cartoonists and bon vivants of all descriptions; further recalls that the Gay Hussar has hosted those such as Michael Foot, Kenneth Clarke, Tom Driberg, Aneurin Bevan, Barbara Castle, as well as TS Eliot, Michael Palin and Mick Jagger; applauds the sentiments of Sir Michael Parkinson who has said that the beating heart of the Gay Hussar has a special place in the social fabric of London, long may it thrive; and urges the landlord, Hermes Holdings Estate, to work with the Goulash Co­-operative and allow this new venture, owned and managed by the restaurant's loyal waiters and diners, the opportunity to continue to operate and develop the Gay Hussar restaurant.

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