House of Commons
EDM #1470
Tabled 02 July 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House notes with concern that microplastic pollution is potentially more environmentally damaging than larger pieces of plastic because small pieces of plastic are more likely to be eaten by wildlife and have a greater surface area which can transfer chemicals to and from the marine environment; welcomes the Government's legislation on microbeads; further notes that the wider issue of microplastic pollution cannot be set aside, and supports the Environmental Audit Committee's recommendations that the Government works towards a systematic strategy for researching and mitigating sources of microplastic pollution, particularly in relation to synthetic fibres which are shed from synthetic clothing when laundered; notes that there is little evidence on potential human health impacts of microplastic pollution; calls on the Government to set a timescale within which it will publish an assessment of the potential health impacts and any measures it intends to take as a response; and further calls on the Government to continue international cooperation to address microplastic pollution and take on a leading role in addressing the issue.

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