House of Commons
EDM #1586
Tabled 05 September 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates the University of Glasgow Settlement and its recent Exhibition celebrating its legacy and connection with student social action; notes that the Settlement was founded in 1897 by female students, graduates and employees of Queen Margaret College as part of the Settlement Movement which focused on closing the gap between the educated elite and the disadvantaged in society; recognises that the Settlement has pioneered innovative responses to changing social needs for over 100 years; understands that the Settlement started the first school for people with disabilities in 1901, developed formal courses in the School of Social Study and Training in 1912 and provided advice on matters relating to social security which evolved into the Citizens Advice Bureau; further notes the legacy that has developed where current students are selected for Find a Solution summer internships in third sector organisations; appreciates the students who have applied their knowledge gained on their academic courses to provide recommendations based on their research; believes this to be an experience where students can understand the commitment needed to see change in their local community; and wishes the Settlement and students all the best for the Exhibition and future projects.