House of Commons
EDM #1618
Tabled 12 September 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates the Willow Tea Rooms Trust on the grand opening of Mackintosh at the Willow on 7 September in the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay; commends Celia Sinclair on her vision and efforts to save the Tea Rooms, restore them to their former glory and give them a sustainable future; notes the hard work and attention to detail in restoring Miss Cranston's tea rooms to Charles Rennie Mackintosh's 1903 designs; appreciates the involvement of the Princes Trust in training 15 young people to work in the tea rooms; appreciates that the tea rooms are a social enterprise and will also provide an exhibition area; further notes this opening is in the celebration year of 150 years since the birth of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and is part of a year of events; and wishes all involved with the Willow Tea Rooms Trust the very best for the future.

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