House of Commons
EDM #1625
Tabled 12 September 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House does not agree with the recent decision by the Department for Education to update its advice to schools to suggest that teachers should not express political views; believes that teachers have a right and even a responsibility to raise concerns about the impact of funding cuts on its ability to provide a high-quality education, and that this is not the same as campaigning for a particular political party; condemns this attempt by the Department to gag teachers and prevent them from speaking out about issues in the UK schools system; takes note of the accounts from schools around the country that they cannot afford basic supplies, essential buildings maintenance or subject choice because of funding cuts, and that this is impacting on the standard of children's education and their chances in life; urges the Government to listen to teachers and parents who protest about the impact of funding cuts on children's education; and suggests that reversing the cuts and providing sufficient funding to schools would allow teachers to get on with the job of teaching without having to waste time implementing endless budget cuts.