House of Commons
EDM #1700
Tabled 15 October 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Brighter Foods, of Tywyn, Gwynedd, on its announcement of a multi-million pound investment to purchase and refurbish the former Halo Foods factory that was closed in 2013 losing over 110 jobs in the area; notes that this move is designed to meet growing demand from its existing customers and to service new customers who are attracted to Brighter Foods' growing reputation for innovation, outstanding quality and customer service; further notes that this investment recognises the work of founder and CEO Robin Williams, who started the business in 2014, in his commitment to investing in the local economy in South Meirionnydd; recognises that this multi-award winning business now employs over 170 people, turning over around £20 million a year and expects this to grow to nearer £30 million in the next 18 months; and wishes Brighter Foods and Robin Williams the best of luck with the investment and development in Tywyn.

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